In late 2015, a group of neighborhood volunteers formed and set about gathering information about the ins and outs of historic districts. They started planning outreach to neighbors and putting together information materials.


During 2016 volunteers shared information with residents and homeowners within the proposed historic districts. Doors were knocked on, leaflets were dropped off and information was mailed to non-resident home owners. Several coffees were held around the neighborhood to share information, answer questions and promote dialogue around the proposed historic district. Two walking tours about the history and the architecture of Packard's Hill were held, along with a separate educational session on how to research the history of your home.

Separately, professional historians began work on researching the area’s history, as required for a historic district application. Their work was funded to a large degree through a donation from History Colorado State Historic Fund.


The historic research on our area was completed in the first half of 2017, while neighbors continued their conversation about what we want for our neighborhood in the future. Two larger public meetings were held. In response to support from a large majority of property owners who had weighed in, the application to the City of Denver for historic status was submitted in early June. The application made its way through the Landmark Preservation Commission (unanimous support) and the Planning Board (almost unanimous support) and then on to Denver City Council for review first in their Land Use, Transportation & Infrastructure Committee and then for a full public hearing on September 25. Packard’s Hill was adopted as Denver’s 53rd historic district by City Council, voting 8-5 in favor and was signed into law by the Mayor on September 26. You can view the full application, which was praised as very strong throughout the process, here.