A group of residents are working together to create a new historic district in Northwest Denver – one that would join Ghost, Wolff Place, Witter-Cofield and Potter Highlands in achieving historic district status. Specifically, we are evaluating the area west of Lowell Boulevard to Osceola Street (both sides of the street), and north of 32nd Avenue to 35th Avenue (south side only).

The proposed historic district encompasses three of the original West Highland subdivisions: Packard's Hill, Highland Place, and First Addition to Highland Place. The Packard's Hill subdivision was platted in 1887 by William C. Packard and Charles L. Hoffman.

We are fortunate to have received a grant from History Colorado State Historical Fund to cover most of the cost to research and apply for historic designation for our area. The State Historical Fund is comprised of a portion of the gaming tax revenues from Black Hawk, Central City and Cripple Creek and is used for historic preservation throughout the state.

Did you know that Denver already has 52 historic districts? We live directly north and northwest of two: Wolff Place and Allen M. Ghost Historic Districts. Both are south of 32nd Ave, loosely between Perry and Irving Streets.

Please take some time to consider what you would like to see for our neighborhood in the future. Join in the conversation with neighbors. Find answers to your questions. Attend a meeting to learn more. Sign a support form if this is something you would like to see for our area. Thank you for visiting!

Watch the video proesentation on historic designation given by Councilman Rafael Espinoza:

Building in historic districts
is very feasible.
See examples here.